What to do after graduation as a Computer Science / IT Graduate?

Graduation, what a wonderful moment in ones life, you are now free from school works. What a RELIEF!! , but hey, here’s comes the “REAL WORLD”. a world that you have to work your ass off, not true for all people though. This article reflects only Manila, Philippines settings.

Anyway, let’s get into our topic. Below are things you can do after graduation, not in a specific order. btw, this will depend of course your status and priorities in your life.

  1. Update your resume.
    One of the most important things that you need to do is update your resume. You need to have a good formatted resume, which should contain your updated skills.. technologies, programming languages that you have studied, soft skills like leadership, communication skills,… updated list of projects. And one of the most important thing you need to remember is cater each resume for each job posting.
  2. Update your profile on Job Portal sites like LinkedIn/Jobstreet/Monster Job DB, etc.
    On this item, list down your skills, what you need to highlight is your skills and your thesis, what did you contribute to it. And of course you need to upload your resume. You also need to have several Account, why? because as I have said you need to cater your resume to each job posting you see.
  3. Find a client on your neighborhood or sites like fiverr, upwork, etc.
    You might be wondering, why do I need to apply on this sites?, simple answer this will be your pass time. you need some work to enhance your skills more though not required but surely getting an experienced on small gig will help you on your journey.
  4. Review what you’ve learned.
    Waiting time for your job application may take 3 to 6 months. It’s a long time and a good time to review and enhance more your skills. Review the books that you have studied before, review your notes, try to rewrite it , try to explain your notes , try to blog it , internalize it to make it stick in your mind.
  5. Take Bootcamp
    Boot camps are one way to really improved on your skills and learn new things, it’s also a great way to network to other people and expand your friends of programmers. One day, they’ll be able to help you on solving your problems.
  6. Update your portfolio on gitHub.
    One of the things the employers want to see it your github account, they want to see what have you created, what have you contributed to the community.
  7. Do not apply a job just for the “experience”.
    One of the most common stories I heard is that fresh graduates take a “Technical Support” job in a call center just to get a job and a “experience” and as time goes by they end up staying there for years. Don’t do this mistake, your knowledge will get stuck it would be better to continue on applying to companies than going to a job that will take you in a different path.

Happy Coding!