I have been in the I.T. industry for almost 14 years, I have been in different projects and met different kinds of people, young ones, old ones… and now, looking back I’m realizing the some differences with young developers and mature developers..

I remember when I was a young developer…

I really didn’t expect that this day will come but last two days my YT channel closed for good. There are many reasons why it happened and to be honest I’m not really comfortable of sharing it.

But you know as you aged there will be problems and responsibilities in your life that you face to focused on.

I’m grateful for all the supporters and fans that I met along the way.

Thank you to all of you. But hey, I won’t delete this medium I will still write my thoughts. Please support me as well here, my vision hasn’t changed it’s still to help you guys to be software engineers.

That’s it. Please follow me here. Thank you.

The list below are based from my opinion others might have a different view. But to me these are the basic target that I think you need to prepare.

1. Emergency Fund

2. Wedding Fund

3. Death Insurance Fund

4. Business Fund (situational)

5. Baby Fund (situational)

6. Educational Fund (situational)

7. Travel Fund (situational)

8. House Fund

9. Car Fund (optional )

10. Retirement Fund for you

11. Retirement Fund for your parents (situational)

12. Medicine Fund for you and your parents

Why I quit my software engineering job at Accenture?

A long long time ago, I got hired as a software engineer at Accenture and I’m really happy about everything.. the professionalism, the food, the environment, the benefits, the playground, the perks basically It was all great!!

But then something happened…

Web Development
App Migration
Data Migration
Data Science Project
Data Integration Project
Mobile Development
Application Support / Production Support
API Development

…to be continued..

Dev Avenue

My scripts for my vlogs are here

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